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  • Show Your Star Quality

    Build Credibilty, Increase CTR, and Boost Revenues WITH EKOMI

    eKomi helps you gain your credible gold stars rating and makes them work for you. Activating your Google Seller Rating Extension should be part of the online marketing and paid search equation for companies with an online presence. Don’t let stars and ratings from competitors overshadow your ads. You can have those stars now.

  • If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much are your stars worth online when pictured next to your company?

    Seller Rating Extensions combined with your ads can be a vital tool for building trust and increasing CTR leading to higher conversions for your brand. Take a look at how a website with its seller rating extension activated looks to the online consumer. Let eKomi utilize your satisfied customers in order to increase your business by leveraging their voices.

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Why choose eKomi?


  • Customer Reviews

    Trusted, authentic, transaction-based only.  eKomi offers a unique platform where consumers speak to one another based on verifiable experiences. eKomi charters one of the most elite vast customer feedback management teams where reviews are personally screened individually 24/7 for our clients.

  • Google Ratings

    Since Google has gone social and customer reviews are integrated into Google AdWords™ and Google Shopping™, a new value dimension for customer reviews has opened.  Activating Google's seller rating extension is crucial to businesses in the ever-increasing competitive online marketplace now.

  • Award-Winning Technology

    Our innovative excellence has been recognized by multiple industry accolades from various institutions, including the CeBIT Innovation Award by the Fraunhofer Institue and the Best of 2013 Innovation Award IT. These awards amplify eKomi as an industry leader in both the design and the delivery of unique and cutting-edge technology platforms.

  • Ekomi is Global

    eKomi was designed with the global client and customer in mind. Available in 26 languages and in 12 countries with offices located in the United States and European Union, we cater to the needs of our clients and businesses in a wide spectrum of industries internationally from small companies to large, enterprise corporations.

  • Innovative Development

    We constantly update our leading edge, state of the art social commerce solutions and issue several release cycles a year. Flexible, robust, and customizeable for our high-end enterprise clientele needs, eKomi offers client flexibility resulting in feedback campaigns that are trusted, transparent, and effective. Our experts consult with you to determine the technology and implementation approach that best suits your needs.

  • Quality Compliance

    Reliable. Scalable. Secure. eKomi delivers legally-compliant SaaS solutions that allow you to position your third-party validated customer ratings in response to evolving social commerce trends for greater ROI. Not only do we provide insight into market strategy, but we also provide consults that free you from legal complications and issues of competition law. Our legally stress-tested solutions guarantee a review management tool that is consistently safe and secure.

More Reasons

The Advantages of Using eKomi

  • 1. Use reviews to increase your conversion rate

    What do your customers want? Accurate delivery dates? Great customer service beyond the point of sale? Efficient return policies? Building trust, let alone loyalty these days, requires more than certificates and awards. There is nothing stronger or more efficient than building loyalty through authentic customer reviews. Using the eKomi 5-star review system, you can substantially increase your conversion rates through higher search traffic.

  • 2. Gain more customers with Google Product integration

    If your business is not listed with Google, you may be missing the opportunity to increase your sales. Our credible recognition by Google allows eKomi’s independent reviews to easily integrate within Google product listings. With eKomi's social commerce technology, reviews aren't just collected. Our goal is to capture reviews, drive traffic to your site, and target more customers across the Web.

  • 3. Get more visitors with search engine optimized user generated content

    Generating high-quality content organically from satisfied customers using their recommendations and reviews is a goal for any online marketer. eKomi delivers an efficient and proactive review gathering system that’s easy to manage. We directly integrate our APIs into Google products, helping websites rocket to the top in Google rankings.

  • 4. Higher transaction volume

    With eKomi you encourage trust in your customers, and in turn they’re persuaded to spend more based on newly found consumer confidence via reviews and ratings. Over and over studies have proven that authentic customer reviews are more important than pricing. It can also be the deciding factor when a customer is indecisive about a purchase. Bottom line – customers trust other customers more than celebrity endorsements and more than traditional advertising.

  • 5. Satisfied customers are the best sales people

    With 250 million users on Twitter and over 1 billion users on Facebook, isn’t it time to broaden your reach? Viral positive reviews across key social networks can give your business a powerful advantage. More and more businesses are beginning to see the purchasing power consumers have through social networks. In answer to this explosive growth, eKomi provides a social recommendation feature that exponentially extends customer reviews to a huge audience at no extra cost.

  • 6. Protected against malicious reviews spread over the Web

    Can you put a price on how much the professional reputation of your business is worth? These days Internet portals have been specifically developed to unjustly publish negative reviews. It’s been our experience that most negative reviews are about miscommunication or a misunderstanding. With an eKomi solution, a private customer dialogue is available to resolve disputes amicably. Companies are given an opportunity to address and resolve the issue to the satisfaction of the customer. But more importantly, this process protects companies from negative reviews becoming viral across the Web.

  • 7. Increased turnover through process optimization and quality assurance

    Reviews can do so much more than provide feedback. People love to talk, but they love to talk about their shopping experiences even more. So use it to start a conversation between you and with those who value your products and services. Gather insights into how and why your customers buy. Leverage future marketing initiatives based on conclusive data. Build your brand by capturing their stories, ideas and unique memories of their experience with your business. With an eKomi solution, get at the heart of what makes your customers tick in a unique and informative way. Since online commerce never closes, you can easily access (mobile or web) vital statistics and management tools through our savvy interface design. Receive quality data in real-time based on customer service, website functionality, new products, and overall usability. Awarded the Frauenhofer Institute’s “Innovation Prize of 2010” for this functionality, we’re driven to empower you towards greater success.

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Benefits & Service

  • The Benefits

    • Increased revenues
    • Reduce online marketing costs
    • Higher conversion rates
    • Build trust and confidence
    • More SEO Google traffic
  • Our Service

    • Transparent Ratings & Reviews
    • Google AdWords™ star integration
    • Widget & Seal for your website
    • ***** for your website
    • Cloud-based S-Commerce platform

Ekomi’s Specialities

Customer Reviews | Product Reviews | Google Seller Rating Extensions | Online Reputation Management
Social Commerce | Social Recommendation | Increasing Conversion Rates | CTR Increase
Customer Ratings | Search Engine Reputation Management | Feedback Management | UGC

How Ekomi Works

Ekomi offers innovative SaaS software which is easy to implement. Customer and product reviews are gathered and these reviews are published by eKomi’s professional review team. These reviews are then integrated directly within the website. Customer reviews can be displayed via a widget along with an overall score and stars. Product reviews are directly shown on the product page in order to increase the conversion rate and SEO. Real-time statistics are available in the customer login area.

  1. Transaction
    A customer buys your product or utilizes your service validating an authentic purchase point.
  2. Review
    eKomi proactively sends a review request.
  3. Review
    Your customer leaves a review.
  4. Review
    eKomi’s review team collects, manages, and publishes the review.
  5. Social
    Potential customers read customers’ experiences.

Listen to what our clients are saying

“After implementing a solution with eKomi, we experienced a 7% rise in our online non-brand search traffic.” — Michael Swinson, EVP, Analytics of TrueCar

“eKomi has been a wonderful partner. Easy to set up, responsive team and great results.” — Peter Sinclair, Vice President of Marketing, ScoreBig Inc.

“We have seen a 59% increase in our organic search referrals since implementing eKomi. Unless you were an existing customer, our excellent, friendly, local customer service was not immediately obvious to the wider world, so I selected eKomi to make our levels of customer service far more visible to both new and existing customers. Using eKomi to collect our feedback has helped focus the whole company on our customer service levels and achieve greater buy-in from the rest of the company to resolve any particular issue that may arise.” — Nick Hill, E-Commerce/Marketing Manager of Proporta

“So far I can say we have seen a 12% increase in conversion rate which I can only attribute to first time customers being reassured by the feedback they are reading.” — Simon Goldin, Founder of MyPure

Our Clients

More Clients

eKomi solutions

  • Benefit From Seller Reviews

    • Best customer experience ever. I will return again.
    • Easy and quick sign-up process.
    • Thanks for your service. I will recommend you to my friends.
    • More Ratings & Reviews than your competition
    • Activation of Google’s Seller Rating Extension
    • Better CTRs and conversion rates
    • Rank higher in search results and grow traffic
    • Increase your revenues
  • Benefit From Product Reviews

    • The quality of this product is amazing and everyone wants to know where I shopped.
      I absolutely recommend you.
    • Fits perfectly. True to size, vibrant color. I want more.
    • Understand what your customers really want
    • Improve your products
    • Boost your SEO longtail positions
    • Enhance user generated content
    • Reduce return rates

eKomi integration

eKomi’s robust SaaS Social Commerce Technology Platform is easily implemented with any customized or standard e-commerce, e-Marketing and CRM solution. eKomi collaborates with many international agencies, software suppliers, hosting, e-commerce portals, and payment providers. We are happy to talk with you about what we can do together. Send us an e-mail to info@ekomi-group.com with the subject "Partner" to arrange a personal meeting with our business development & marketing department.

Industries & Verticals Ekomi Supports

Retail | Travel | Financial Services | Insurance | Manufacturing | Media | Real Estate | Automotive | Energy
Telecommunication | Fashion | Beauty | Arts & Entertainment | Education | Accommodation | Food Service

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