Awarded the eKomi Silver Seal of Approval!

Awarded the eKomi Silver Seal of Approval!

Sculpteo, pioneer and specialist of digital manufacturing, offers a service of online 3D printing, from 3D model transfer to the order of the object, and wants to make this technology easy and accessible to all. Based in San Francisco and Paris, Sculpteo offers on-demand 3D printing and manufacturing in large scale for start-ups, SMEs and design studios. The offer of Sculpteo resembles more than 100 combinations of materials with multiple colors and finishing options, as well as a technical analysis and superior repair of files. The Sculpteo factories use professional 3D printers and laser cutters with a very fast execution and a global delivery. Sculpteo was created in 2009 by Eric Carreel and Clément Moreau.



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All was good but for a couple of oddities.
I ordered a part quite a few months ago through Shapeways. They told me their partner BASF had the Ultrasint TPU01 material which sounded great. I ordered the part. Shapeways was who I dealt with. Now, just a few months later, I contacted Shapeways, they told me that BASF was no longer a partner. I hunted things down and found that ordering (or even contacting) BASF through their website was pretty much undecipherable. I learned that Sculpteo was who to deal with if one wanted Ultrasint TPU01. Fine. Except that sculpteo.com was not where one orders from! Somehow it was smartforms. So, there was that confusion.... Is there any way to make whatever changes there are in company relationships and partners and who owns who ... easier for your customers to navigate?
Secondly, when I tried to submit my file and order from ... smartforms ..., I found that Ultrasint TPU01 was not an option where one chooses material. I sent a question and received a quick and clear answer that I had to choose something different, some combination of material and process. Clearly, if one is very familiar with processes and materials, they would know what to select from the form's pulldowns. Being somewhat ignorant of 3D-printing, I would never have been confident I'd found the right combination of selections to get what I wanted. So, is there a way to make that easier for customers to navigate?
Ultimately, I got a piece delivered that was much less expensive than I'd expected, delivered a week earlier than the originally stated delivery date, and exactly what I wanted in form and material. So, that is great. And I guess I'll know to contact smartforms, not BASF and not Shapeways. ;)
Excellent Service! Very hard to suggest an improvement... We are fully satisfied with both the order procedure and customer support. We would definitely recommend you to all our associates. Keep on the great job!
Fast, high quality, lots of options, useful online tools.
Good speed. Received parts quicker than expected.
Got just what I wanted. Quick delivery too.
Awesome product
Very fast Delivery
Professional people that work there.
I will be back many many many times!!!
Wish i could give them more than just 5 stars
Great customer service on a potential problem, excellent result. Unfortunate shipping costs are so high to US.
Great Job!
This was my first 3d printing job and there was a hiccup in the production so that it seemed that the part would not arrive in time. Eventually it was only one day late and thus still in time, mostly because shipping was extremely fast. The part quality (SLS) is excellent in all aspects, dimensions, color, surface. Upload, estimate and ordering is the best I have seen in 3d-printing services. I will use sculpteo again and would recommend to anyone.
I am happy with the quality of the prints. The quality of customer service has varied, with some staff being quite helpful, and others being less helpful. My main complaint is that there is not an easy process to make changes to an order. I submitted an order 7 parts, and one was not printable due to thickness issues. After uploading a new file, the employee responsible for my order informed me that I had to pay for both parts, and my request for a refund for the canceled part "is taken into account but you may be little patient." I wish there were a simpler process for updating orders and invoices and getting refunds for changed orders.


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