Awarded the eKomi Silver Seal of Approval!

Awarded the eKomi Silver Seal of Approval!

Sculpteo, pioneer and specialist of digital manufacturing, offers a service of online 3D printing, from 3D model transfer to the order of the object, and wants to make this technology easy and accessible to all. Based in San Francisco and Paris, Sculpteo offers on-demand 3D printing and manufacturing in large scale for start-ups, SMEs and design studios. The offer of Sculpteo resembles more than 100 combinations of materials with multiple colors and finishing options, as well as a technical analysis and superior repair of files. The Sculpteo factories use professional 3D printers and laser cutters with a very fast execution and a global delivery. Sculpteo was created in 2009 by Eric Carreel and Clément Moreau.



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I'm 100% Satisfied. Thank you
To say the least: I am impressed!
1) The website, especially the automatic data analysis seems quite sophisticated.
2) The quality of my product (a brass ring, wax cast, gold plated) is just amazing.
3) The price feels very acceptable considering what product I got!
4) The service is European and thus I had very fast shipping and no troubles with customs.

Summing up: I am currently considering never buying jewelry again but rather designing it myself and having it 3D printed. At that price, this opens new worlds for me, I hope sculpteo will continue like this.

Regarding improvements:
If they would offer full gold wax casting (perhaps on special request), I would highly appreciate it.
The last mjf prototype I got does not look the same as before with the exact same technology. Was it the same machine? Maybe it could be good to notice the customer the model/brand machine to be used to get constant same finish when we work on the same project
Nice Quality, Thank You.
Fast and precise production, fast shipment. Shipment itself mostly fine, packaged well and if postman won't throw it would definitely survive the transport.
The only downside is quite expensive shipping costs, which is not a problem if you order many pieces, but significant for rapid iterative development when you order piece or two per iteration.
Excellent print, smooth results. Very happy with the parts.
The products provided exceed my expectations and Sculpteo beat their estimated schedule. Everything was perfect!
I am always pleased by the quality of the Sculpteo components.
Imagine Shapeways, only completely better in literally every aspect.
Awesome 3D prinitng service, actually I use few times in month :)
Sometimes little delay, but no on each order :) Sometimes faster as scheduled delivery option :)

Overall TOP1 on market for me


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