Awarded the eKomi Silver Seal of Approval!

Awarded the eKomi Silver Seal of Approval!

Quella Bicycle Limited
Quella Bicycle Limited
British company Quella design single speed, steel-framed bicycles that are stylish in design, strong in performance and a reliable partner for the urban commute.



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Amazing service on inner tubes and again for a second order helping me replace my saddle after it was stolen. Thanks to *** and the team, keep it up.
E-Varsity Review

I ought to ‘fess up to a couple of things before I start this review. I am *** and have’nt ridden a bike in 39 years. So when lockdown started, and with a desire to keep away from the petri-dish that is public transport I thought a bike would be a good idea. And, because I am a *** for technology (and avoiding getting sweaty) I thought an ebike would be an even better idea.

But where to start? Like so many I turned to the web/you tube etc. Trouble is, most ebikes look like they’ve been engineered by a soviet pot-welder. Enter Quella and the e-varsity range. Just what I remembered as a teenager when I built my own bike from a Reynolds 531 frame (that, and all subsequent additions were scrounged from school bike sheds and I loved it – until some *** nicked it) with an ancient brooks saddle, V-brakes, drop bars etc. So, as you might now have gathered, this is something of a late-midlife crisis purchase. The E-Varsity is a classic road bike frame, skinny tyres, caliper brakes and, in my case, moustache handlebars sourced by *** at Quella.

And Quella delivered – on so many levels. Quite apart from the fact that the bike is an object of singular beauty, the engineering elegance of the e-solution is by far the best out there. The Zehus hub (and it’s worth noting the word ‘hub’ – that’s it, motor, battery cells and controller in one place) looks like an outsize sturmey-archer gear hub, adds only 3kg to the weight, and provides enough assistance, at 3 levels, to enable me to commute through hilly bits of London down to the river and back again, loving every minute. This combined with the friendly hands-on attitude of *** and *** at Quella. These two are NOT the surly know-it-alls from your local bike shop – they own the business and it shows. They even threatened to deliver the bike in person – and I should’ve accepted. I hadn’t been aware that the 2nd gen Zehus hub was so recently introduced. So recently, in fact that I became something of a beta-tester for the hub in real-world conditions. But both Quella and *** at Zehus were brilliant and sorted out the teething problems within a week. At one point *** from Quella was on the phone to me almost daily, sorting out any niggles - and I’m a pain in the ***, especially if I’ve just spent *** quid on a bike. Oh, and the 2nd-gen has a remote control (Bluetooth) with a boost button to give that extra oomph up steep hills, a battery indicator and the ability to swap between assistance modes.

And its worth putting that cost into perspective. Before lockdown I was spending £*** a month on the tube – and would frequently drive and park at the station. I flogged the car (an ancient 5th-hand mini) and bought the bike. Now I try and use the bike for all those local trips I previously used the car for – saving an unquantifiable sum, quite apart from the saving on parking/insurance/maintenance etc. So I reckon it should pay for itself in a year or so.

And the best bit? It’s the most fun I’ve had in ages on two wheels. You might have got the impression that I bought the bike as an exercise in cost saving, sustainability and personal health. Well, that’s how I justified it to the Vicar. But the truth is…………….WWHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
The people at Quella are some of the most helpful people you could do business with.
Pricing is very competitive and shipment is quick and inexpensive.
I have already recommended them to friends
Great service, personable, helpful and solved my problem quickly with little hassle. Great bikes and great people
Excellent customer service as usual from Quella
Fantastic bike and so much fun to ride! To top it off the customer service is some of the best I have dealt with from any company. Cheers Quella,

Reka M
I have got my bike for a month now and it's just perfect, even if I needed to do the final assembly :) which was by the way so much more easier than I thought before. Not just the bike is great but Quella's customer service, too they always answered my questions very quickly.
Good advice, super serivce and quick delivery
Eliza Hogg
I love my bike! Really good customer service and delivery, would recommend!
The bike is excellent, super cool, good materials and extremely light: customer service was awesome too: although they were really busy taking into consideration the recent boom of the business, they called me back and satisfied my needs reserving me the bike I wanted.


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