Awarded the eKomi Standard Seal of Approval!

Awarded the eKomi Standard Seal of Approval!

PASTIDEA was the first company born with the ambition to contribute to the transformation of the home-made pasta market through modern sales systems, characterized by a complex offer system, using the potential of the Internet and the electronic channel. The market of homemade pasta is changing, the consumer is constantly looking for novelty, professionalism and convenience and more people are approaching the vast world of homemade pasta. PASTIDEA proposes itself as an innovative model capable of growing and perfecting itself in constant harmony with the market.



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Kelli P
The delivery was very quick and the products fit my kitchen aid very well! The pasta came out perfect! I hope you can continue to make more pasta dies for kitchen aid attachment.
Miss Caroline A. M. Q
Fantastic service. *** was amazing! Thank you ***. He helped me get my order as I live in the UK. Placed another order today for out of stock items. I have nearly every shape of pasta cutter your company makes. If you would consider making a new shape for all the Irish who love Italy that would be great too. Idea - use the Quadrifoglio and use 3 leaves instead of the 4 and add a stalk for a 'Shamrock' - we would love to have that! Can send on a picture if you need it. Thank you all for the great service given
Michael Boyuk
Amazing service! Super fast shipment! Amazing quality!
Katelyn Roy
Shopping experience has been wonderful, I'm not so much a fan of the bronze dies as when I go to clean them the little bits I can't get off turn green and they really hard to clean.
Lucy T
Phillip is so helpful and patient! He adds the WOW factor to my experience with Pastidea. I love your products and with a representative like Phillip, I feel confident continuing to purchase and enjoy your companies designs.
I live in the UK and pasta dies are hard to come by and when found they are so expensive. The amazing service with pastaideas is although ordering and dispatching from Italy it only takes 2 days. I’ve used this company now several times and will continue to do so. Grazie mille!
Lee D
Great products and service.
Jane Morris
Not all dies had pic of what pasta it would be. As a newbie I wasn’t sure what shape pasta would be to buy die.
I would had purchased the Easter shapes if it was a 3 pack. The way packaged you could not get all three unless you bought individually at high price.
I had to YouTube how to put my first bronze one together bc your website did not have instructions. I didn’t understand from the pic that was sent.
It would be nice if there was more beginners advice. Not all are experienced and we have to start somewhere. I have only use one so far and very happy with it.
I found shipping was fast and items arrived perfect.
I wasn’t sure conversion from euro to American snd just took a chance it wasn’t doubled. If maybe there was a conversion before you placed order? I probably would had bought more if I knew conversion.
Overall I loved your products snd will be back many more times.
Just as a beginner. It was very confusing at times. As with anything. The more I practice and cont to read advice from diff social media groups. It will be much easier. Very grateful for your company. Thank you.
Christy B
Order went through flawlessly and timely for delivery in the USA.
Gail C
Wonderful company. I ordered the same die twice and was very pleased that 8 was able to camel, almost immediately and begin another corrected order. Shipping was lightening fast.


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