Awarded the eKomi Silver Seal of Approval!

Awarded the eKomi Silver Seal of Approval!

The <b>Japan Rail Pass</b> is a rail ticket that gives you the flexibility to explore Japan through unlimited use of the entire Japan Rail network including the world famous bullet trains. <br><br> With our vibrant online community, dedicated expert support team and and class leading <b>price</b>, service and delivery speeds, the <b>Japan Rail Pass</b> can make your trip to Japan <b>simply sensational</b>.



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Overall the instructions for attaining the pass were clear. The pass itself is constructed from high quality material and held up over weeks of consistent use. Taking JR rail was very convenient for travel throughout Japan and I would recommend the pass to anyone visiting the country.
The JR pass helps us a lot. It is definitely worth it.
The process of changing vouchers and making reservations is easy, once you understand it. There should be better explanations and documentation sent to customers to read and digest, maybe even a Youtube video, before one arrives in Japan.
Overall purchase process was efficient and easy to do. However the voucher exchange process in Japan, it was a bit chaotic and long queues. Also quite a bit of confusion as to where to go to do the actual exchange. We were in the Shinjuku area. Also once we were able to exchange the pass at the JR Travel office in Shinjuku, we had our train travel itinerary all planned and mapped out as to which trains, dates and times. However they were only able to do one trip of the 6 we had planned. They said this was due to the long queue. Hence for us it was very inconvenient as we had to go to another long queue for the machine to book our seats. And when we did, most of the trains we wanted had no longer any room in the Green Car. This was frustrating because we paid more for the Green Car JR Pass.
Excellent experience, the ride was quiet and comfortable. No improvements needed, please just keep up the good work.
I wish there was better explanation about order date/ issue dates. Basically this company should assume we are all 1st time travelers and is not aware of all the things we need to look out for. Example, ordered at least 2 weeks before son’s bday thinking they would issue voucher before he turned 12 , knowing I purchased a child ticket. I also was not able to purchase an adult ticket for him due to his age. They issued voucher 1 day after he turned 12, making him not eligible for a child ticket. I had to push for a 100% refund (was offering partial refund for voucher i no longer could use) but still had to pay over *** to send voucher back to UK.
We were able to buy the pass before the price increase and got the full use of the pass. We ended doing around 8 destinations with a 2 week pass and enjoyed every minute of it. It makes the whole process a lot easier as you just need to pass the ticket through the ticket machine.
I am extremely satisfied with the JR Pass but not so sure now the the price increase if it'll be worth in the future. I have used the pass in previous trips to Japan.

The improvements I would like to see is to be able to see the train schedules and make reservations online outside Japan in order to plan a trip accordingly.

we enjoyed the JR pass and places in Japan that we visited! moreso i personally enjoyed Kyoto, osaka, nara, kobe shibuya and ginza
thank you for everything
Develop a single guidance document for non-Japanese users/speakers which clarifies how the pass is used. Key issues that require clarification:
(a) seat reservations are not necessary for all JR trains
(b) you can use your JR pass directly in access gates to get on trains, rather than first buy a ticket/reservation for a train.
(c) clarify what region a particular JR pass is good for; for example, our JR pass worked in both the Tokyo region and the Kyoto/Osaka region.
(d) provide a mobile pass that can reside on a mobile phone, as opposed to only a physical pass.


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