Awarded the eKomi Gold Seal of Approval!

Awarded the eKomi Gold Seal of Approval!

The <b>Japan Rail Pass</b> is a rail ticket that gives you the flexibility to explore Japan through unlimited use of the entire Japan Rail network including the world famous bullet trains. <br><br> With our vibrant online community, dedicated expert support team and and class leading <b>price</b>, service and delivery speeds, the <b>Japan Rail Pass</b> can make your trip to Japan <b>simply sensational</b>.



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Massive savings if you plan on using the shinkansen even only a few times, plus the convenience of not having to wonder if your IC card has enough for smaller trips or having to buy tickets separately every time. Also you usually don't get access to reserved seating, but on some shinkansen trains all of the trains are entirely reserved seating (Hokkaido shinkansen, in my experience). However, in those cases they will allow you to sit in an available seat anyway. Overall, extremely convenient, extremely great value, but one thing I will say is that I had to do a bit of crafty folding to be able to fit the card with the pass in it in my breast pocket. If it came in a smaller size to fit in most breast pockets (or smaller), that'd be great.
High recommended!
Quickly delivered, easy to use and saves a huge amount of time and money...….what more to say ;-)
It was extremely useful to have a JR pass while travelling in Japan! I'm super happy I bought one.
If you plan to travel a lot around different cities in Japan I highly recommend getting a JR-Pass. It's really convenient to travel around, and the staff in the different ticket stations usually speak quite well english. They also always show you on their monitor to make sure you have the right connections and can see the timetables yourselves.
The pass's quality could be improved, as a traveler and visitor, having a cardboard pass of that size made it difficult to carry around without damaging it (we managed to do it, but it slowed down our pass through the checking stations).

One thing we didn't realize until it was too late was that some bus lines accept the JR Pass, which I didn't see easily displayed on the webpage or mentioned by the clerk at the office we obtains the pass itself.
The entire process was so efficient and quick. I was impressed by how seamless it was, and how easy it was to redeem with the instructions provided.
When I visit Japan in the future, I will definitely be using the JR Pass again, and I will definitely recommend it to others!
Made my trip very smooth
Everything was easy :)
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