Awarded the eKomi Silver Seal of Approval!

Awarded the eKomi Silver Seal of Approval!

The <b>Japan Rail Pass</b> is a rail ticket that gives you the flexibility to explore Japan through unlimited use of the entire Japan Rail network including the world famous bullet trains. <br><br> With our vibrant online community, dedicated expert support team and and class leading <b>price</b>, service and delivery speeds, the <b>Japan Rail Pass</b> can make your trip to Japan <b>simply sensational</b>.



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Great service. Wonderful trains. Helpful staff.
Fantastic service, quick and accurate.
It is a good idea for new users to download an app on their phone such as "Japan Travel" for directions to the correct train platforms.
Using the Japan Rail Pass made things a lot easier for us in terms of getting around the country. Ordering the passes was very easy.
Generally in easy process to move within trains but did have some unique challenges:

1) Please digitize this pass. I have been to Europe and other countries and they have put it in an app. This is not only more convenient but less prone to loss.
2) Green Pass - As some trains have check in to the seats (Not including Shinkansen). It is impossible to scan JR green passes on the train.
3) Exceptions - While we understand Shinkansen need for reservations and this is typical in other rail passes we have used, having other non-JAR rail trains but adding the Nozomi line would be helpful.
I will certainly use the JR pass again, if I am lucky enough to return to Japan. The order process was easy but would be even more efficient if it could be an online process.

The reservation process was efficient thanks to the very helpful and friendly staff at all the ticket offices.

An area which could be better highlighted is the reservation of seats with space for oversized luggage.
It was good way to travel around Japan. Trains were very good and it was easy make reservations for the seats.
One of our passes was somehow damaged. It took quite awhile for the agent in Tokyo to figure out how to replace it. Otherwise, everything was great.
We were very happy to have purchased JR Rail passes for our 3 week vacation to Japan. We stayed in 8 different places throughout the country and loved every minute! The travel agents at the JR offices were extremely helpful in organizing our tickets from one place to the next.
Our biggest worry was losing our $1000 ticket. Fortunately this did not happen:)
Trains were punctual to the minute! Clean, quiet and staff were polite and helpful.
This was a very efficient way of seeing Japan. Also, I had lost my phone and it was retrieve it easily. I’m not sure if this would’ve happened in any other country or train system.


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