Awarded the eKomi Gold Seal of Approval!

Awarded the eKomi Gold Seal of Approval!

The <b>Japan Rail Pass</b> is a rail ticket that gives you the flexibility to explore Japan through unlimited use of the entire Japan Rail network including the world famous bullet trains. <br><br> With our vibrant online community, dedicated expert support team and and class leading <b>price</b>, service and delivery speeds, the <b>Japan Rail Pass</b> can make your trip to Japan <b>simply sensational</b>.



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Its an amazing offer to start with. What would be great is to allow people to purchase extension days if they still have a bit of time left.

All in all whoever doesn’t use a rail pass is just missing out.
Purchasing and using the JR pass was easy and great, but the initial time it took to get the pass activated was frustrating. We waited in line for over an hour waiting to get the pass sctivated at the JR station at Haneda. Otherwise a wonderful experience and will recommend to others!
The process for applying and activating the pass was fine. Your staff at the train stations where very helpful in assisting me in finding the correct platform or answering any other questions.

I was very pleased that so many of my excursions were covered by the pass and not just the Shinkansen lines.
I visited Japan for the first time in many years recently and decided to use the JR Pass. I am very happy that I did. It made traveling between the various cities in Japan much easier and saved me a lot of time in buying tickets. For anyone who wants to see multiple cities during your Japan visit, this is highly recommended. It seems expensive at first, but it is well worth it.
JR Pass was very easy to use and really helped our trip to travel the country! I will use again!!
The JRPass was so easy to use. I visited the JR office at the Nartia Airport when I arrived in Japan and had all of my reservations booked for the next 14 days. Being able to use the pass on the local city trains was an added bonus and saved me lots of additional money.
Very easy process
The passes worked so well. We used fast trains, bullet trains, and local trains, and they were all fine. We had reservation wherever possible and liked being able to know we had seats.
The order procedure was easy and did not take long to obtain the passes once we arrived.
We would definitely recommend that anyone travelling any distance in Japan get JR pass.
Very fast and reliable, good price, easy to order. Would definitely recommend.
From start to finish the JR pass was fantastic. We used the pass to travel in Tokyo and surrounding area, to Kazawana, Hiroshima (including Miyajima) and to Osaka. It was so easy to use and the staff at all stations were very friendly. We would 100% recommend getting the JR pass if you area travelling to more than one city in Japan. The trains were easy to navigate and we made use of the Hyperdia website. Thank you for a smooth and easy experience while visiting amazing Japan!

It would be good if in the future you had it on say an app or in your phone’s wallet as this would mean that you couldn’t lose it. We were very careful but we were anxious about misplacing it or forgetting it and perhaps this is a way to avoid people losing their pass. Also it would save on the process when you arrive in Japan of having to activate it if it was done online or through an app? However, we had no issues and the process was smooth getting our vouchers exchanged.


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