Awarded the eKomi Standard Seal of Approval!

Awarded the eKomi Standard Seal of Approval!

Hismith - Jasmine
Hismith - Jasmine
Hismith is a Chinese company focused on selling sex machines and adult products



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Everthings works well. Cant say something bad about it.
Didn’t jer recive any email regarding our order. Not one word. Did you receive the order, cause payment did? did it go out already?
Ottimo servizio, sito internet valido.
Things I like:
+ You can view the Shopping card without leaving the Page (shoppingcard-callout)
+ Good Overview what costs how much and after applying a coupon, you also see what you save.
+ See with what (ea. PayPal) you can pay

Things I noticed:
- cut words everywhere. In the Menu, if the menu-options have child-options, the word is most of the time cut because the dropdown button overlays the word. (ea. Language: US, Menu option: Attachments)
- Pictures in the "What's New" area are way too big for some languages. (ea. German). Because of that, the title of the product has no place and results in one word per line. For Example, in the Language US it is fixed.
- Product titles are way too long. The titles contain, most of the time, tags. These can be displayed differently and better. With tagging, you also could build up a better filter-search experience. (In a way, you did it with the subcategories). For Example, Dildo Sizes: you could build sub categories like sizes from 6"-12", 12"-16", 16"-24" (or something like that). Or you could implement a slider "What size do you want" where you can search in a range. Like I said: it's only an example xD
- Little bug found: when I switch the language, the currency is set automatically. But the language Key is still displaying the old (ea. Germany (DE) I switch to US the Icon on the Menubar still displays DE despite being in English)
- Search bar, why does it have to blend over the other buttons. I get it for mobile, but for desktop it just looks bad.
- Way too big Icons for the Top menubar. It looks just, I don't know, unprofessional.
- I have no real title for that one. But let's talk about sex machines. There are many bundles: some premium, some app controlled, some not. It took me some time to find the right bundle for me, I wanted the best of the best, but with the right attachments. So why no integrated selection? For Example. First, you choose what machine you like. Ok Premium App Controlled, then it displays all possible bundles (like the attachments for them) which you can choose the bundle. So there should be less confusion.

Well, I wrote a lot. Most of the negative points are UI/UX flaws. I work in this business, so these things stick out for me a lot xD

Even tough I listed so many minor flaws/recommendations, I had a good experience.
the design / overview / structure / descriptin of your webshop is (sorry for that) - one of the worst Ive ever seen
the german translations should be done completely new
Easy shopping, good products
Very good experience....but in the shop it is not the best to get information Wich locking system is on the toy....and to find the best toy to add.
Great products, fast shipping
very nice webside - good overview of the products -
Great page


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