Awarded the eKomi Silver Seal of Approval!

Awarded the eKomi Silver Seal of Approval!

Rent your 4G pocket wifi and stay connected everywhere in Europe... No more roaming fees! You will enjoy high-speed connection and unlimited internet and you can connect up to 10 wifi devices. Find here some reviews from our customers.



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I was very happy with the ordering process, the delivery and return process, and would recommend the company to others. One small negative note, and I realize we were in a very small town where internet service can sometimes be not existent, but on at least 2 occasions, my iPad flashed the message “ no internet connection”. 4+ stars! 👏👏👏
Our friend found your site when we were traveling to the EU. It was such a great experience.
Ordering, upgrading to unlimited, customer service and quick responses were fantastic.
Two suggestions from those of us that used the wifi unit:
1. Keep an extended charger with you if you're out all day with the unit so you don't lose service/access.
2. We found that signing up for the daily limit (1gb) was used up quickly. We all upgraded to unlimited use. It did not seem like 1gb with mobile wifi was the same as what we use at home so highly suggest for the few extra dollars to go with unlimited and you won't be disappointed.
thank you for a great experience!
The whole process of picking up the pocket wifi and returning it was very easy. It was simple to use and worked well for us the entire trip. We used it every time we went out to help with directions.
1)You need to upgrade the equipment so that they hold a longer charge and so that the plug for recharging is better fitting. I think the equipment is old, It's the same that we used in 2017 and 2019/2020.
2)The order procedure was fine. In the city of Palermo in Italy, there are no longer mailboxes on the street. We had to go get someone to go to the post office to return for us. You may need to put that as a warning on your website.
Maybe an improvement on the device. I found the connection between the router and the power cord came undone if you were not careful. In other words, it disconnects very easily.
Such a wonderful experience from start to finish. Having Wi-Fi access traveling abroad with unlimited data really helped out in a clutch when my iPhone took a nosedive and I had to restore it without residential Wi-Fi access. Thank you for the great service!
This is very convinient most specially for us who are first time visitors of France, We used it mostly for google maps when we travel and good restau hunting. Its been convinient for us since we can check everything first before heading out it helped us save time and money. 5 star rating! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Our 'hippo' experience was brilliant! I ordered the device before leaving Australia and there it was, waiting for me, at a shop around the corner from our accommodation in a little village 16,000 kms away in Italy. It was a godsend for us, as our Australian phones did not work in Europe. Hippo allowed me to keep in touch with my 90-year-old mother back home and organise travel arrangements while we moved around Italy. When hippo stopped working unexpectedly, I had almost instant service from Camille, who explained the minor adjustment I needed to make to reposition the SIM card. All fixed in 10 minutes. I can't recommend hippo highly enough - takes all the wifi stress out of travelling!
It was a good thing that we had hip pocket because the Wi-Fi connection in our hotel rooms and from restaurants was very poor. We may not have been able to do our virtual Covid test without hip pocket.
Have used Hippocketwifi a few times in Europe and have had good experiences each time.

This time they had to change the pickup point through no fault of their own and the transition was well communicated. Pick up was quick and easy, the device worked well (I always find a power bank is needed if you are out all day with it) and return instructions were simple. Stress free all the way. Would deginitely use Hippocketwifi again.


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