Awarded the eKomi Silver Seal of Approval!

Awarded the eKomi Silver Seal of Approval!

Rent your 4G pocket wifi and stay connected everywhere in Europe... No more roaming fees! You will enjoy high-speed connection and unlimited internet and you can connect up to 10 wifi devices. Find here some reviews from our customers.



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I loved using my Hippocket Wifi during our cruise of Scandinavia. Whenever we were off the ship we had instant, fast wifi for maps and sending photos. On the cruise we had better wifi with Hippocket when we were near the shore than with the ship's service. Customer service was excellent- they answered all my questions promptly and having the wifi shipped to North America before we left was the way to go! Had wifi in all airports to use for transfers. Will definitely use it again!
I've used this service on 2 different occasions while traveling in Europe this year and am completely satisfied! The booking and delivery process is extremely easy, especially when I have it delivered to my hotel. The product is easy to use, connects instantly, provides excellent connection, and is a very reasonable price. Return shipping is a huge plus because it's as simple as dropping the pre-paid, pre-labeled envelop into a post box and it's all taken care of from there. I highly, highly recommend this service
Ordering so straightforward and delivery to home address before travel is such a bonus. Would recommend to anyone needing Wi-Fi when travelling in Europe.
I had a great experience with the services. The personal and prompt feedback for any inquires were perfect. There were only to issues: sometimes the wifi wouldn't work at all (in the same spots I would ever use) and I was not able to return it from London airport by mail because it didn't fit the box, so I had to pay to have it returned from Brazil.
We were thrilled with this! It was delivered in time, communication was great and it worked perfectly. We probably should have picked it up at the airport instead, but we were not sure where we would get it and didn’t have time to look into that more.

The mailbox is Spain did not look like anything we had seen before, but we got help to figure it out.
General experience from our 1 month usage in Paris and parts in Italy, internet speed is good of course depending on the location, sometimes it's even faster than our hotel internet. There are places that has dead spot (inside the building) There are times in a week that we need to reboot the unit because I think it "freezes or hang" then it will be back to normal. Price is I guess competitive.
Started off really well, but then seemed to Laos some juice.
Support team was very good on chat & mail. Product simple & straightforward.

It wasn’t clear that it needed to be plugged in most of time.
The customer service was outstanding. The person in charge of my order kept close track of the delivery of my package even when the address was an Airbnb. She offered multiple solutions and was always responsive.
We always had good signal although the battery drain sometimes faster.
Great for the most part. Toward the end signal got very weak although I was well within what I paid for.


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