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Awarded the eKomi Gold Seal of Approval!

Harrison’s Solicitors
Harrison’s Solicitors



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*** did a fantastic job. Would definitely use her again.
The team were very helpful throughout our house transactions.
Our legal work for our house sale in Reading was professionally handled by Harrisons Solicitors extremely knowledgeable
Conveyancing service was well managed by ***'s Solicitors
Fantastic service from Anjani
Superb from the outset
We found the Solicitors very helpful and professional
I used Harrisons to buy my first house. Awful experience, I would avoid them at all costs. So many issues but in an attempt to summarise:

- As a coincidence the person I was buying the house off and I both picked David at Harrisons as our solicitors. They informed us that it would be a conflict of interest to have the same solicitor as you want them to act in your best interest. As a solutions they said Ashley (owner) could be my solicitor instead which I agreed to. Unfortunately when I received my report it was signed by *** not by ***! So was this report done in my best interest? I don’t know and this was a big red flag and I wish I had ended my involvement with them right there.
- When I enquired about the above issue Ashley went on holiday for 2 weeks without telling me
- They’re impossible to speak to on the phone and took several days to reply to simple emails
- I dealt with a total of 6 people with several also taking holidays without informing me
- Zero advice on any of the documents I was asked to sign. My estate agent was more helpful
- I had to measure some land and I asked how to do that. I received a flippant email back saying ‘just measure it and write it down’. Two weeks later they told me they forgot to tell us to measure another bit which delayed everything. Something that would have been avoiding if they had actually helped to start with
- Every delay in progress was blamed on the ‘seller’s solicitor’ – I think they forgot that I knew that they were the seller’s solicitors
- I would speak to one person in the morning to give them information and then get emailed in the afternoon by a different person asking the same questions
- My purchase involved separating land, I asked for advice and received none. I researched the problem myself and discovered I could put a restriction on the land and protect the value of my property. I’ve since been told this is all really basic information that my solicitor should have demanded on my behalf
- Me and the seller resorted to speaking to each other via the estate agent to get around their incompetence
- The only time they were quick to respond to emails was when they were chasing payment (funny that)

Buying a house for the first time is a daunting experience, ideally you want a solicitor that guides you through the process, helps answer questions and fights your corner when dealing with the seller. Harrison’s didn’t do any of that. I do not believe they provided the service they promised, and they were the most difficult part of the whole process of buying a house.
Great friendly service.
We had all of our legal work completed for our house purchase to a very satisfactory standard. Very pleased with the quality of their work.


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