Awarded the eKomi Gold Seal of Approval!

Awarded the eKomi Gold Seal of Approval!




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Tes it s a good product and wu will recommend us to others.
Excellent response to correcting a mistake I found after submitting order.
Definitely would recommend company.
I have nothing but praise for your customer service and speedy purchasing and delivery! Not to mention the fantastic product.

Within hours of ordering a rep was calling to confirm something in my order that didn’t look right (and in fact I had made a mistake). She wanted to make sure everything was perfect before proceeding with the order. And she was so friendly explaining it all to me.

And truly my Embosser was completely in no time and straight to me! Fantastic all around!

Thank you so much!
No comment.
I am upset because the model of stamp I ordered was different from what was delivered to me. I ordered a Trodat Mobile Printy model 9411, but getstamps.ca send me a model 9511. Although it functions perfectly, ink refills for the 9511 are not available from the getstamps.ca website or anywhere else online in Canada. Refills for the 9411 model are available, however.

If the model needed to be switched for some reason, communication ahead of delivery should have happened, but alas it did not.
I called in order to complain when the promise of receiving the product within 24 hrs wasn’t honoured even in 48 hours. The person who received my phone call had all the excuses available for me, including “what people don’t realize is that these stamps.... blah blah blah!” instead of hearing me out. I have much to say about her customer service or lack thereof.

It’s the first time that I order something online and there isn’t a follow through in the timing promised. I had to be the one to call, as the confirmation email came quite late. The late confirmation email came when the item should have already been received days prior.

I only purchased the product with you guys because the promise of delivery was interesting and different than other companies out there. It’s logical that due to the fact that these are personalized stamps, it would require a certain amount of time to process the order. However , what was advertised was that if the order was made before 11am (mine was made at 2am), it would be shipped that same day. Unbelievable, yet promised.
Same day delivery even! I should have known that anything that sounds too good couldn’t be. Free delivery!!!!
Let’s recapitulate:
Free delivery
Same day
Before 11am, the order will be processed and shipped so as to receive it in 24 hrs (the customer service agent then added that it could be up to 48 hrs. Ok fine! That wouldn’t have been a problem. But that STILL didn’t happen!)

I think that in order for all these services to be free, someone had to “pay”. And that person was me. I did not get my product in time and had to put in a rush order with someone who was in Toronto so that I can get another product when the said person arrived in Mtl the following day. It cost me.
Four days later, the day of my event, the product which was finally delivered, was no where to be found because the shipping company you guys chose to deal with “supposedly Purolator” did not update the status of the package so no one knew where it was even on Monday Nov 4!!!!!!!

An hour before closing, I pleaded with the agent to disregard the information he doesn’t see on the computer but instead look for the package. He found it. Mind you, this is a point of service that receives packages from Purolator, DHL, and everything else!

In conclusion, this was the worst experience ever.
My event was on Saturday November 2nd.
I endured stress and waste of time that I didn’t have to endure.
A little bit smaller that I tough but perfect!
Great customer service!
I loved how much i could customize the embrosser design and te delivery was super fast as well! Very happy!
If i were to suggest improvements, it would be in the options for the placement of the logo (more flexibility instead of just up/down/left/right/middle) as well as having more contour options. I couldn't mix my own logo with the basic designs offered at the beginning.
Nonetheless, the end result was still amazing!
Thank you for the good work!
Livraison rapide et emballage dans du papier brun = simple et éco-responsable.
Je suis satisfaite.


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