Awarded the eKomi Silver Seal of Approval!

Awarded the eKomi Silver Seal of Approval!

Fast Track Reclaim
Fast Track Reclaim
Fast Track Reclaim provide a free assessment of all your financial agreements, both past and present to find out whether you could be due a PPI refund. No documentation details are required. In fact we do not even need account numbers. We only require the name of your Lender and we will find if you have a PPI claim on every credit card loan and mortgage that you've ever had.



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No improvement needed as everyone has been brilliant. Thank you ***
Yes, they did everything they promised and took the hassle away from the consumer.
Certainly there is a hit on the commission, however, I am not convinced that all the claimants would be in a position of time or know how to achieve the same results.

The only thing that I found a little disconcerting was the immediate follow up of texts, calls and emails to ask for the commission to be paid.
In fairness, once you discussed it with them and kept them informed of the time line in which you were expecting payment from the bank concerned, they were great.
All so easy use.only fault is ringing for payment before the settlement has been received.
I was really surprised with the result of my PPI claim as I didn't think I would get anything but unless you try you'll never know. The whole process from start to finish was so easy with Fast Track Reclaim. The fees were a bit high in my opinion for the amount I received but without them I wouldn't have anything!
excellent service dealt with very well chasing up paymeow nts i didnt even
Avoid this company at all cost. You are expected to pay their fee before you receive any funds in settlement.

I contacted them on numerous occasions to explain I would pay them as soon as I received the PPI refund from RBS, but nonetheless they continued to hound me with calls and threatening letters. In the end I paid them to avoid the hassle, but this is a disgraceful way of operating and will undoubtedly cause distress and hardship to some who are unable to pay. Shame on you Fast Track.

Happy from start to finish . I would recommend others.
Avoid this company. I have had no PPI payment but they harass you constantly. I have paid them and still they send threatening letters.
All good until they claimed some money back for me from HSBC. At this point they hounded me for their payment. First things first, I found out that they had recovered ppi from their demand for payment by text. I called them asking why they wanted money from me and they advised it related to the HSBC money I would be getting. This was much to my surprise.

So, a week or so later I received the forms from HSBC from fastrack and was provided with a prepaid envelope to send this back to fasttrack. So I did. After a week of not hearing anything I called Fasttrack. They sounded surprised that I hadn't sent this directly to HSBC even though they sent me a pre paid envelope for Fast track. Anyway, they advised that it hadn't yet been logged on their system and they'll get round to opening the post at some point. Only then will it be forwarded onto HSBC. Of course at this point I had a text asking for payment, an email and a letter all demanding payment.

I had to call HSBC in the end and they confirmed that they had just received the signed forms from Fast track. This was over 2 weeks after I had signed them and sent them back to Fast Track.

Within the first 4 weeks of waiting for my payment from HSBC I was hounded for their payment 7 or 8 times.

Once I had received the money I paid Fast track's bill immediately online. 6 days later I get a letter from Fast Track advising me that they will now be proceeding with legal action to obtain their money. So I called them advising that I have a receipt confirming they had been paid. The lady I spoke to was blunt, unapologetic and told me that I should have paid over the phone. No apology, she didn't sound bothered at all.

I would not recommend using this company.
Your help was excellent would recommend you to anyone would never have got done what you helped me with x


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