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  • Customer review

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    InStaff is a great company, we got really good help to pick the staff for our sales event! Recommended for everyone who seeks a reliable company!
    on 2019-11-29 at 11:57
  • Customer review

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    Very happy with Instaff. Booking process was straightforward and the hostess who worked with us was great.
    on 2019-11-27 at 15:02
  • Customer review

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    I'm very satisfied.
    on 2019-06-20 at 09:44
  • Customer review

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    excellent service and availability. InStaff team especially ***offers perfect coverage. Moreover, we really appreciate the intuitive platform.

    Thanks from our side & we wish you a good start in 2019
    on 2019-01-15 at 14:25
  • Customer review

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    Sehr aufgeschlossen und interessiert an den gezeigten Produkten
    mit allen Team-Mitgliedern sehr gute Kommunikation und Absprache
    alle Kunden wurden äußerst höflich und zuvorkommend empfangen / bedient
    insgesamt sehr zu empfehlen
    on 2018-11-22 at 10:51
  • Customer review

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    Satisfied with the service
    on 2018-11-08 at 08:57
  • Customer review

    /  5
    Perfect Service and Staff
    on 2018-11-07 at 12:50
  • Customer review

    /  5
    We are very happy with the services from InStaff. We will increase the amount of events for 2019.
    Thanks a lot & Best Regards,
    on 2018-11-01 at 11:35
  • Customer review

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    We are good clients and we always pay in advance. We ask staff for a lot of events. We had a problem with a girl who has the wrong uniform and the company decided to defend her and let us pay for the error.
    This has not been a good behavior and we are not satisfied at all.
    Comment from :
    We are sorry, that you feel mistreated and we understand that it was a simple mistake / misunderstanding about the outfit. But we believe, it would be unfair to not pay the hostess for the whole working time, since she made no mistake at the job: she even showed up 30 minutes early, she wore the right outfit and she worked to your complete satisfaction.
    Our hostess showed up 30 minutes early to your job in the outfit you specified (“white long sleeve”) beforehand, but on arrival you told the hostess that you require a different outfit (“white blouse”). So the hostess went right to the store, bought a new blouse and started the job immediately. You afterwards told us, that you were completely satisfied with the hostess and her work, but that you don’t want to pay the 90 minutes working time that it took our hostess to buy a new blouse.
    At InStaff, we always try to treat our hostesses as fair as possible. This ensures, that we can offer our clients very motivated & qualified staff - now and in the future. In your case this means, that we paid the hostess the full working time for the job, because we believe, that this was the right and fair thing to do. At the same time, we understand that you have a different point of view. But we are happy, that you stayed our customer regardless of this disagreement here and we are looking forward to a great longterm relationship with such a loyal customer like you.
    on 2018-10-30 at 12:13
  • Customer review

    /  5
    InStaff recruitment process is quite simple and the team is really helpful during the fair period. Thanks, we recommend!
    on 2018-10-29 at 10:07

InStaff & Jobs GmbH (English)

  • InStaff & Jobs GmbH is a German incorporation, that offers exhibition hostesses, model hostesses, male hosts, stage hands, catering staff, promoters and sales assistances in all of Germany. Via InStaff businesses can book staff for all kinds of temporary jobs within just a few hours ("Instant Staffing").

    As a business you just publish your job at our online platform and within several hours you receive a list of qualified staff profiles who are interested in your job. You can compare these profiles via their work experience, foreign language skills, profile images and prices. If you have any questions you can also use the InStaff messaging system, to get in contact with all available hostess profiles and get to know them in person. You can then book the right profiles for your job directly online.

    InStaff handles and guarantees proper legal employment, payroll accounting, and other aspects regarding German working law, so that you can be completely focused to your customers. And if an hostess gets ill or another emergency arises, InStaff will replace the staff profile within just a few hours.

    InStaff manages its own database of over 40,000 staff profiles, has developed an automatzied online booking plattform and at the same time offers personal customer service 7 days a week. Because of its unique online business model, InStaff can offer you a great staff selection at very competitive prices, starting at 14.30 EUR per hour.

    Send us your jobdescription and we send you a selection of available staff profiles within a view hours:

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    InStaff & Jobs GmbH
    Ritterstrasse 9
    10969 Berlin

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