Awarded the eKomi Bronze Seal of Approval!

Awarded the eKomi Bronze Seal of Approval!




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I would love to have some big summary in terms of connecting dots from many different parts we discover more about ourselves.
Amazing and insightful.
It has been over 5 weeks and no chart I'd paid for. You sent me a PDF file which I've told you and have almost begged you to submit it another way because the file WILL NOT OPEN!!! So I get a dear *** message from you saying that YOU can open it. Well, swell for you. It is my paid for chart and I'm still waiting for you to send it another way. I would like to believe an internet company like yours has enough experience to submit it to me in another format.
I understand that it is an automatic answering system, but if you put together the information received, you will find yourself in the pages provided by the application.I think it's a good opportunity to learn more about yourself. Thanks for this chance.
My report was so detailed, and had the perfect combination of personality description, and offering feedback for how to best interact with the world, given my unique chart.
The personality report based on my zodiac was so spot on. I've been working with astrology for about 2 decades so I'm a bit critical. It was a solid report.
It took a little longer time to get the report than annouced, but no problem. There was good communication along the way.
Robotic and repetitive. I paid to get something more personal. There are pages and pages where the paragraphs are just copied and passed. I don't pay to read same words and paragraphs three times in three different places, for example.
Very very disappointing
The description is too in details for no specialists,
in ** we get smoother description without mentioning all the houses and stars.


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