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Awarded the eKomi Standard Seal of Approval!

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All was ok, but i didns saw i should print out all signe and send back on traditionell post.
So i have to do this tomorrow. 😁
Very helpful
I looked for an insurance for my nice and contacted APRIL via phone for a first communication. Mr. ***, who was my first contact did a great job in helping me to get the right insurrance. I am very thankfull about this.
I would certenly recommend APRIL for others who are seeking for an insurrance for their familiy members like I did.
I am a UK expat living in the US and my annual premium with April International is $***. I am in the process of trying to get April International to cover an MRI I need because of pain I am experiencing in my pelvis. The cause is unknown but could be fibroids, endometriosis, adenomyosis, pelvic inflammatory disease... it is impossible to tell without the MRI. This is affecting my health and potentially my future fertility. They refuse to cover an MRI to diagnose my condition despite my Doctor submitting multiple requests and also refused a peer to peer review suggested by my doctor (standard practice in the US if an insurance company denies a claim) to go over my symptoms and case in more detail. They refused this review with the reasoning that their medical board is in France. They have phones and computers in France so not sure why this is an acceptable reason when I pay $*** per year for their services.

My Doctor says this is one of the worst experiences she has ever had with an insurance company denying essential care. In my Doctors words they are refusing to cover anything to do with female reproductive organs and my uterus. I am an otherwise healthy woman in her mid thirties with no other claims made on this insurance aside from the usual annual Doctors appointments and their refusal to cover essential gynecological care and imaging that is needed to diagnose the cause of my pain is in my mind sexual discrimination. I would advise all women to use another provider for health cover and avoid April International for themselves and their families.
I filled out the forms online and when I called to pay, I was passed to three different people. It seems like paying would be easy, no!
I am still waiting for my login info for the apps and it has been a few days.
Super advice, super friendly, especially ***, was extremely accommodating. He was very well informed and was able to answer all my questions. Trank you
Very good online process

The requirement to still send paper documents seems outdated
Scam: Do not go home

Above all, don't go to them! Magellan contract: They refuse to reimburse a general practitioner consultation (the only one in 18 months) yet announced supported (me and the medical office called them before to check), they do not respond to messages, their complaint service is NULL since not of replying to several messages, I have to pay out of my pocket since no one answers and the medical office harasses me, it's a shame, a ***.
Very easy to sort out - thank you.
AmAzing conversation with staff. I appreciate the assistance


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