Awarded the eKomi Silver Seal of Approval!

Awarded the eKomi Silver Seal of Approval!

AutoShippers - www.autoshippers.co.uk
AutoShippers - www.autoshippers.co.uk
• International Shipping Services for Cars, 4x4's, SUV's and Motorbikes • Shipping by Roll on Roll off, Dedicated Container and R-Rak Shared Container Services • Nationwide UK Car Collections Available • Specialist Shipping Insurance • No Deposit Booking System



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Great service! Professional people!
Very satisfied that my car arrived in Cyprus in the same excellent condition as it left the UK, no scratches, bumps or other unpleasant surprises. Autoshippers took really great care, they even made sure that there was no condensation present. In general I was very happy with the customer care and support I received on the UK side.
During transit I received frequent communication as to the ship's transit time and estimated arrival. Was immediately inform when my car arrived in Limassol port.
I however was not happy with the service I received in Cyprus. I had great difficulty in communicating with Autoshippers choice of collaborators in Limassol. Not only did the company overcharged me for their services, a significant fee, which I would have preferred to be informed from the beginning i.e.at the time of the original booking but they were extremely incompetent and very slow with their efforts. They needed a full 4 days in processing the customs paperwork. First they let me wait a full day at the port customs office in the hopes to be able to pick up my car on the same day on a Friday and then in the end only had the paperwork finished end of day Wednesday. I had to travel to Limassol on two separate occasions and at my arrival at their warehouse at the end when I was notified that everything was ready and I could collect my car they had forgotten all my paperwork so that I couldn't leave on time. This process could have been a lot quicker and less time consuming had Autoshippers given the customer a choice of agent at the destination port or had they chosen a more qualified team to represent them in Cyprus. Very unsatisfied with the choice of agent in Cyprus.
Autoshippers are excellent. I wouldn't use any other shipper for my personal possessions and cars. They are patient, efficient, have excellent communication and most importantly of all they ensure my vehicle arrived safely.
Great shipping, great communication. My precious car was delivered undamaged.
We were incredibly unlucky, but it was not a good experience. The booking process was easy and communication with AutoShippers was very good. Dropping the car off in Southampton at a slightly random depot on the outskirts of town was fine but there was no existing damage review or papers to sign. However, once the car had left the UK (bound for Melbourne, Australia) we were handed off to AutoShippers nominated local agent, SeaGo International, and so the fun began. Putting the poor communication to one side, and to cut a long story short, the local agent's appointed container handling company, Container Fumigation Services, managed to drive a forklift truck into the side of our car and cause over £*** worth of damage. We only found out when we went down to collect the car from the depot, having been advised that morning by SeaGo that it was ready to collect. The car had infact been damaged the week before, and neither party could get their story straight about the date the incident happened. We also couldn't see the car as it had already been moved to a repair shop...Jump to nearly two+ months later and our car has been repaired, only to collect it to find out that further damage had been caused on the other side during transport. Not only that, someone had tried to cover it up with a paintbrush and paint. Overall, there's no way we would recommend AutoShippers but, as I said, we were unlucky. That doesn't excuse poor communication, a lack of duty of care, and no intent to compensate us for any of it.
I received emails from too many people. This is the first time I have worked with Autoshippers and and I felt confused with receiving emails from different people each time.

I am using Autoshippers on another vehicle being shipped Nov 22nd.

I have the phone number for people to us in the UK but I am in the US. Suggestion: Get WhatsApp it is a free communication where you can talk, email and send pictures.

I spoke with *** in operations, she was very helpful and pleasant.
Service was great. And good communication throughout the process. I thought the costs were very reasonable too !
Will definitely use again !
Thank you
I've used Autoshippers and their sister company 3 times for moving my personal possessions from the UK to the USA. I CANNOT RECOMMEND THEM ENOUGH!

They are professional, courteous and give excellent communication. They were extremely patient with my last shipment when it was delayed a number of times before delivering to them. I have no hesitation recommending them to anyone. And they are the only shipping company I will use, period.

good solid professional service
Autoshippers was great. They made me feel like they were standing right beside me, ready to help with any concern which made things worry free for a first time importer like me. The car arrived in fine condition.


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