Awarded the eKomi Gold Seal of Approval!

Awarded the eKomi Gold Seal of Approval!

intimacy matters
intimacy matters
Sex & Relationship Therapist, Speaker and Teacher in sexuality



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I recommend **** warmly to anyone who may have issues that he could assist with. He is very professional, knowledgeable and understanding. I give him plus points for making a safe, nonjudgmental environment, being very supportive and really tailoring the session to meet my goals. I found him to be very helpful with assisting me overcome my issues. What I feared would be an awkward and stressful situation turned out to be relaxing and pleasureable beyond my imagination. I don't think I'm being too dramatic in stating that the sessions were truly a life changing experience. The only regret I have is not reaching out to **** earlier.
To anyone who is contemplating visiting Colin for a treatment or to take one of his courses I would urge you to go ahead without delay. Colin is a true professional in his field, combine this with his kind, caring, understanding and empathetic nature and I can guarantee you will receive an experience that will fully enlighten you & that you will cherish forever. I first received a treatment from Colin and then went on to take one of his courses and can honestly tell you it has changed my life in so many positive ways. Thank you so much ***. ***
We attended an Intimacy Matters group massage class as an MF married couple. We are experienced in the adult lifestyle and we wanted to expand our experiences with something we'd not tried before and this all-day class was excellent.
The booking process, arrival, theory and introductions were all very professional. The teaching and guidance during the massages were friendly and personalised with Colin sharing his instruction time equally with the other couples. We stayed for the optional intimate social afterwards with the other couples, and we're glad we did.
We've learned lots about intimate massage, and perhaps a few new things about ourselves, and we're looking forward to our next event.
I approached *** about learning to give a tantric massage to a woman. The whole experience was great - *** took me through the theory annd re-assured me from the outset. The hands on experience was amazing - learning the techniques first hand and being able to witness the volunteer whole-heartedly enjoy the experience was incredible. Would definitely recommend. Nate.
I would highly recommend the massage sessions and workshops offered by *** at Intimacy Matters. Apart from being a wonderful and sensual experience, the knowledge, guidance and insights that *** provides are simply brilliant. He ensures personal boundaries are fully respected while also ensuring we learn a great deal through the process.
*** is the epitome of professionalism and making people feel comfortable. I learnt a significant amount through what I experienced and it will stick with me for the rest of my life. It became clear to me after meeting with *** that one of his main driving motivations is genuinely making a positive impact on people and helping people, which by nature echoes itself in his work and the way he carries himself. *** is also transparent, trustworthy, honest, endearing and there's just no beating around the bush with him.
I had found *** after browsing online as I was frustrated and lacking intimacy in my relationship and want to explore possible solutions to my problems! The intimate massage seemed to be what I was looking for but it wasn’t until much later when I found myself single , that I reached out and booked an appointment. I wish that I had not waited so long . I wanted to be able to connect again to my sexual side which had been asleep for many years. From first contact *** put me an ease. Every detail was well communicated and arranged. As soon as I walked into ***’s space I felt safe, welcome and at ease. We talked first which relaxed me as well as being a useful reflection on my recent relationship. We moved into the treatment room which was warm and spotless and I was able to shower and get ready for the massage. The massage really was everything I hoped it would be. I had craved to be touch this way for so long it was incredible, delicious , sexy and orgasmic. It was also a relief finally have my desires responded to in such and thorough and caring way. I enjoyed everything about this experience, afterwards I felt fulfilled and grounded. I would definitely like to explore more massage with *** and would highly recommend him.
*** has a way of igniting something within you that maybe you thought you had lost or even never knew existed. The mantra of his work speaks volumes and it touches you in a way that can leave you lost for words. To often men and or women can forget the importance of intimacy between partners or even ourselves. How important self love is in order to give this over to someone else. Whether in a relationship or not. There is more to just his classes and his wisdom is something that can't be taught but rather has been accumulated over years and years of experience and practice. I would without a doubt recommend him and his services to the world. He deserves such an award and accolation for recognition of his contribution to this section of our lives. His brand name is his platform and anyone that can use this foundation amd mantra of "Intimacy Matters" is not taken lightly. It really does matter and it matters to him so much so that he is able to transfer that to all whom frequent him whether once or multiple times.
The whole experience was extremely professional from the start to the finish, from first making contact, to booking, to meeting Colin who immediately put us at ease, to the surroundings which were lovely and the massage itself which was first class, we would not hesitate in recommending Colin for a massage.
Had a wonderful few hours at Intimacy Matters - learnt a great deal from Colin about massage techniques.


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